Introducing the Newtonbrook Neighbourhood Garden

16 Apr

Newtonbrook United Church (NUC) – The Taiwanese United Church in Toronto (TUCT) are pleased to inform you of an exciting new project in your neighbourhood.   The Green Team at NUC is leading the conversion of the church’s south lawn into Newtonbrook’s new community garden.   Our goal is to get to know our neighbours and for our neighbours to get to know us by creating a garden and meeting place of which the neighbourhood dwellers will be proud. 

Features of the garden will include:  flowers for all to enjoy including pollinators, raised planting beds, fruit trees,  a meeting area, and spaces for education and meditation.

Most of the organically grown food will help supply the Wednesday NUC-TUCT Drop-Inn  program with fresh nutritious produce. The balance of the food will be shared with our  local food bank and our volunteers.

To achieve these plans,  a series of fun interactive workshops will take place.   

We are always looking for volunteers of all ages and experience levels to help with the ongoing gardening chores. 

Please contact us if you would like to join our team


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