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Spring Forward

28 Mar

March 2014

This will be our 4th growing season.

Once we can find the gardens after the winter we have had

we hope to expand with fruit bearing trees and shrubs.

Many volunteers will be required to make this happen.

If you would like to join our team please let us know.



Garden Design

16 Apr

In the spring of 2011 Danielle (our designer)  synthesized the information gathered from the first three workshops she organized and came up with a final Site Design, Analysis and Work Plan for the garden and her university thesis.

Upon recommendation from a review panel of professional landscape architects, she  submitted the project to the American Association of Landscape Architecture’s Annual Student Design Competition.

Introducing the Newtonbrook Neighbourhood Garden

16 Apr

Newtonbrook United Church (NUC) – The Taiwanese United Church in Toronto (TUCT) are pleased to inform you of an exciting new project in your neighbourhood.   The Green Team at NUC is leading the conversion of the church’s south lawn into Newtonbrook’s new community garden.   Our goal is to get to know our neighbours and for our neighbours to get to know us by creating a garden and meeting place of which the neighbourhood dwellers will be proud. 

Features of the garden will include:  flowers for all to enjoy including pollinators, raised planting beds, fruit trees,  a meeting area, and spaces for education and meditation.

Most of the organically grown food will help supply the Wednesday NUC-TUCT Drop-Inn  program with fresh nutritious produce. The balance of the food will be shared with our  local food bank and our volunteers.

To achieve these plans,  a series of fun interactive workshops will take place.   

We are always looking for volunteers of all ages and experience levels to help with the ongoing gardening chores. 

Please contact us if you would like to join our team

Our Site, Our Approach

16 Apr

Site Context

The site that is being converted to a community garden is located on the south lawn of Newtonbrook United Church (NUC),  which shares the sanctuary with the Taiwanese United Church of Toronto (TUCT).   It is located in Toronto’s North York district, an area known for its multiculturalism and strong East Asian presence,  consisting of  condominiums and single-family homes.   NUC aims to be an inclusive caring community, sponsoring and coordinating a number of Outreach Ministries including a weekly Drop-Inn Centre .   They also provide affordable facilities to many community groups such as the 14th Willowdale Scout Group, the Seniors Group, and the Willowdale Early Years Centre.   The NUC community has been committed to environmental and social justice issues, with the church Green Team acting as the steering committee for the ‘Newtonbrook Neighbourhood Garden’ project.   Adjacent to the church and located on the former parking lot is Lester B. Pearson Place, a 53 unit mixed affordable housing project, erected in 2007 by NUC-TUCT Non-Profit Homes Corporation.

Growing Together Concept

Emphasis on the process of place building will transcend all stages of the design, build and maintenance of the site. Engaging a wide diversity of Newtonbrook community members and groups to form a resilient network of people partnerships with a shared ecological and food literacy paradigm that will support the sustainability of the garden into the future.

NEWS: Photos from garden building day 2011

16 Apr

Saturday May 14, 2011 we started getting the garden prepped for our community Planting Day which was  held on Saturday, June 4th .  As you can see in some of the photos below everyone was busy at work making raised planting  beds,  tidying the space,   planting raspberry bushes,   and using power tools!      There are many different volunteer positions with varying degrees of skill needed to make this project a success. 

Plus when you’re having fun it isn’t work.


Misa helps drill wooden planks for the raised planting beds. Ya! Power tools. 


The ladies carry the heavy stuff.

Together we dig.

Tidying the space and bundling branches.

I don't think she is searching for gold

Surveying our handy work.

Success! A job well done! Ready for Planting Day

EVENT: Community Planting Day 2011

7 May

What: A fun community planting day. We are hoping to get most of the garden, including  the trees, bushes, perennials and raised beds planted on this day. The kids from the 14th Willowdale Scout group will be joining us for most of the day, so we are in need of some green thumbs to show them the ropes! We will meet in the morning and break around noon for a relaxed pot-luck picnic with everyone, so bring your enthusiasm, favorite dish and shovel if you have one! 

When: 9:30-3, Saturday June 4 , 2011

Where: South Lawn, Newtonbrook United Church, 53 Cummer Ave. (just north of the Finch Subway)

Who: You, me, everyone is needed to help make our garden grow!

EVENT: Raised Bed Building 2011

7 May

What: We will be meeting in the morning to build the raised beds and prepare the site for planting. Tools and materials will be on site, and Karen will be teaching us all how to build the beds. Coffee and some snacks will be provided, so drop in for as long as you can and bring your enthusiasm!

When: 9:30-12, Saturday May 14th

Where: South Lawn, Newtonbrook United Church, 53 Cummer Ave. (just North of the Finch subway)

Who: You, me, everyone is very welcome to join us build and prepare the site for planting.